How to get bigger breasts the natural way?

Many women are unhappy with the size of their breasts and although there are various ways you can make them look bigger, e.g. with the right bra, this isn’t a real substitute for real enlargement. Surgery always comes with certain risks: Anesthesia, impaired wound healing and scars, quality and lifetime of the implants themselves. Especially after recent scandals many of us are looking for an affordable and all natural way for a bigger bust.

Is breast augmentation without surgery really possible? Natural methods have one major disadvantage: Most of them work, but you can’t expect the same increase in size that’s possible with surgery. Going from A-cup to C-cup is not possible this way, no matter what some websites may claim, but more volume and firmer tissue can be achieved without the help of a plastic surgeon.

How does bigger breasts system therapy work?

A system therapy is a combination of enhancement therapies and consists of a cream or gel applied externally and a supplement pill. This enlargement method gives the best results. A very popular product in this category is Total Curve that combines two components: A supplement that contains natural phytoestrogens and a firming gel that naturally increases the fatty tissue of the breast. Phytoestrogens mimic the effect of the hormone estrogen which has a mastogenic effect, basically makes your breasts grow. The Volufiline gel contains sarsasapogenin, an ingredient that stimulates lipogenesis.

Most women using Total Curve are experiencing really good results and there is scientific proof that this therapy works, a clinical trial shows that there is a measurable volume increase.

How do breast enlargement programs work?

A program consist of many different modules, basically a collection of in-depth knowledge and information how to increase your breast size with the right food, training and exercises, special massage techniques and more. These programs purely rely on all natural techniques and can deliver good results, but it all depends on strictly following all the steps described. Effective, but certainly requires quite a lot of effort compared to the method described above.

The only program we would recommend is Boost Your Bust from Jenny Bolton. It is really inexpensive and contains an abundance of solid information, tips and strategies for successful bust enhancement. Jenny is offering her program for over 2 years and consumer feedback shows that she doesn’t make empty promises, the program actually works. Certainly worth a try, especially since it costs less than $40, that’s less than a one month membership to the gym.

What is the average breast size / cup size in the USA?

The average cup size varies a lot, the regional differences are much higher than you may expect. The smallest average size, A-cup to B-cup can be found in most regions of Africa and Asia, the nation with the biggest average size is Russia with a E-cup.

In the United States the average cup size is D. Pretty surprising but you have to keep in mind that these statistics do not display natural cup size only, but also include all surgical breast augmentations. In poorer countries or countries with a different cultural and religious background this kind of plastic surgery is far less common than in western countries, Europe or the USA.

Breasts C Cup

According to recent surveys, men prefer C-cup to D-cup on average. When asking couples there is a big mismatch, many women claim there partners would prefer smaller cup sizes while the male part answers in a different way in anonymous voting. So, basically, many men lie about their real preferences and prefer bigger breasts although they tell their wife or girlfriend they’d love smaller breasts. Important: Never think about breast enlargement just because your husband or boyfriend wants it. It’s something you do for yourself only, for your self-confidence, not for others!

Are there home remedies to get bigger breasts naturally?

If you are searching the internet for breast enlargement home remedies, you’ll find an abundance of websites claiming that there are helpful natural remedies. Unfortunately, most of them have no real effect, at least none that would be measurable in clinical or scientific studies:

  • Single herbs: While herbal supplements as a part of a system therapy have a proven effect, the often mentioned saw palmetto, red clover or fenugreek don’t seem to work at all. They are often recommended on forums, but without measurable results.
  • Heating pads: The idea is to increase the blood flow and this way increase the effect of supplements, but more blood doesn’t mean more effect. Heating pads are absolutely useless for getting bigger breasts and even dangerous when heating up too much. Your breasts may feel or look a little firmer afterwards, but this is a short-term temporary barely lasting half an hour.
  • Eating healthy fats: No matter if healthy or unhealthy, eating more fat makes you gain weight and body fat. Unfortunately this fat will probably be visible at your thighs first, weight gain is certainly not the best idea for naturally bigger breasts.
  • Massage: Massaging your breasts with oil is great for your skin, but massaging alone won’t help much, the amount of growth hormones triggered by manual therapy is way too small. It’s only effective with special creams or gels like Volufiline.
  • Birth control pills: No really natural way, but contraception pills contain estrogen and progestin. They stop certain hormonal regulation mechanisms, pretty much like it happens during pregnancy and make your breasts grow. The real disadvantage: No permanent enlargement, as soon as you stop taking them, your breasts will “shrink” to the normal size you had before. Additionally, birth control pills can have serious side effects.

Herbal Supplement

Overall, single home remedies won’t be helpful without a program or a system, some suggestions are even possibly dangerous for your health. We suggest to rely on proven methods developed by experts rather than rumors or myths.

Is natural breast augmentation without surgery safe?

Herbal enhancement creams or supplements are relatively safe, but allergic reactions or side effects are always possible. Benefits always come with certain (small) risks. Have a close look what ingredients are contained. You should stay away from products from unknown foreign companies, especially the ones from China often offered on auction platforms. These low quality products may even contain really dangerous substances, like lead. The low price may be tempting, but comes with mayor risks for you health. Companies with trustworthy supplements like Total Curve always offer some sort of money back guarantee if you are not happy with the product, because they know it works and delivers proven results.

In general, you shouldn’t take breast enhancement pills without consulting a doctor if you suffer from high bloog pressure, if there is an bigger than normal risk of breast cancer in your family or you are tanking blood-thinning medications.

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